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Reaching your full

health potential !

A treatment from Patricia Beretta, PhD, RAc, is a relaxing and energizing experience.

Based on your input, therapeutic techniques are tailored to your unique situation and can include Acupuncture, Shiatsu massage, and other adjunct modalities such as moxibustion.

Acupuncture and Shiatsu are based on TCM, which provides a comprehensive system to assess and treat all aspect of health, for all ages. Patricia treats a wide variety of conditions, looking both at physical structures and anatomy / physiology, as well as the flow of Qi according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. This provides effective tools to help with musculo-skeletal issues as well as internal conditions.

Here are examples of the conditions Patricia frequently treats:


The focus is to address the root cause of imbalances according to TCM, and to take into account both physical and emotional issues. Rather than seeking a "quick fix", your therapist stimulates your own natural recuperative power. Symptoms are relieved from their origin, providing a solid foundation so that vitality is restored and enhanced.


Like with any form of therapy, there can be no guarantee that we will be able to deal with everything. In case we would not be able to offer the most suitable solution to your needs, we would do our best to refer you to someone else. Still, we often see people who have struggled with severe symptoms for quite some time, tried many forms of conventional and complementary therapies, and we are grateful that they ended up finding a relief with our approach. Some issues can be resolved completely (e.g. challenging pains), while for others we focus on helping the person function better with less pain, fewer symptoms, and more energy (e.g. MS, Parkinsons, cerebral palsy). We’ve observed that persistence pays off and that the learning along the journey makes the process a worthwhile experience.