• Very gentle, suitable to all
  • Improves balance, and flexibility
  • Coordinates mind and body
  • Adapted to specific needs
  • Full benefits from a regular practice independent of initial fitness level
  • Small class, ample time to share experiences and have breaks



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" - Tell me, and I’ll forget

- Teach me, and I’ll learn

- Involve me, and I’ll remember "




TAI-CHI for PAIN REDUCTION and WELLNESS: a new, medically supervised program for people experiencing chronic pain.

Note: this program is temporarily on hold, awaiting funding. But several participants of our weekly classes are chronic pain sufferers. You are most welcome to join a weekly class, and won't feel alone!

Most people with chronic pain and fatigue are advised to move, stretch, and stay active. Unfortunately, moving often causes more pain. In particular, most exercise classes with a fitness or a stretch component are much too intense for what pain sufferers can do and endure. They are therefore not suited for such an audience. And as a consequence, there is a tendency to move as little as possible, which tends in turn to make the pain experience worse in the long term.

Our body is designed to move. Our brain works optimally when we stimulate it and when we move our body, as well as when we are calm and relaxed. All things that are not easily achieved when experiencing chronic pain.

Tai-Chi offers a gentle solution to all the above challenges. Tai-Chi is based on slow, coordinated movements, in complete relaxation. Good Tai-Chi comes from within, from alignment of posture, and from gentle flowing movements. Good Tai-Chi is possible for all ages and fitness levels, because its internal principles can be experienced by every one.

The TAI-CHI for PAIN REDUCTION and WELLNESS program was designed by Patricia Beretta, upon the request of two rheumatologists in Cambridge, Ontario: Dr Hanna and Dr Farmoca. 

It provides foundation skills to patients experiencing chronic pain, focusing on balance, posture, and free flowing movement. The program enables each person to enjoy gentle movement, regaining trust that moving can happen without hurting, and even becomes very enjoyable. The program also helps build leg muscles stamina, which is essential for balance, movement, and fall prevention.

At the beginning of the program, a questionnaire, and very simple tests related to every-days' life functions are performed. Participants come for their weekly class, and are given a DVD to practice for about 10 to 15 minutes daily. Some of the exercises are done sitting, others standing, and one drill is done lying down. Breaks are included to rest the body during each class. Experiences are shared during these breaks, as per participants comfort, creating a mutual understanding of daily challenges encountered, and progress made. At the end of the program, participants perform the tests again. The benefits are noticeable: improved balance, better mobility, more confidence that the body is very capable of moving, and trust in the possibility to attempt more!

The TAI-CHI for PAIN REDUCTION and WELLNESS program is hosted by the Langs Community Centre in Cambridge. Classes are on Wednesdays from 1 to 3pm. Sessions typically run for 8 to 10 weeks. For more information, Please contact Patricia at 519-496 8973 or patricia(at)LeShiatsu.com