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September - December 2016
one-hour weekly class:

Waterloo: Mondays 12:15pm

Breslau: Wednesdays 5:30pm

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"The difference between how you feel before class, and after class is truly remarkable!  I join during my lunch break, and get back to work calm, and with a much better concentration.

CI,  Software Engineer, early forties.

"I find you to be an excellent teacher because you have the ability not only to very clearly break down and explain each move, but I've learned so much from you about why my muscles work the way they do, and why they need to be moved in particular ways.

Also, even though I was never good at sports, you've given me the confidence in moving my body for my benefit - and enabled me to learn the exercises that I can do very easily on my own no matter where I am. I always feel better from doing them.

Thank you! "

BW,  professional seminars Facilitator in her mid fourties.

"Tai Chi is known for its gentle way of body movements. Now that I am in my eighties, this appeals to me.  It has been about 18 months since I started and I found I have benefited in several ways.  With the emphasis on shifting our weight, my balance has improved, and so has my breathing.  Under the excellent guidance from our teacher Patricia Beretta, we develop more awareness of how certain movements interact with the wellness of our bodies, and even of our brains.  I am grateful for having been introduced to this form of exercising."

AO - a happy grand-mother.



I feel fortunate to have received this long testimonial, and am thankful I can share it with you:

*****“ It gives me great pleasure in sharing my experience and benefits that I have obtained through Patricia’s Tai-Chi Programs with everyone, who is interested in Traditional ways toward Good Health, Well Being and Aging. I am completing almost a decade with Patricia’s program this year and have gained tremendous benefits toward dealing not only with managing my joint/muscle pain that seem to have appeared as I am aging, but also in the maintenance of day to day functioning of the body/ mind and soul.

I have taken Yoga , Meditation, as well as Tai-Chi sessions prior to joining Patricia’s Tai-Chi classes. Although I learnt a great deal from all my previous experiences, I feel lucky to have stumbled into the incredible path that I now share with Patricia. What is the difference, you may ask? Here is a person who has a wide range and depth of training and experience which is hard to come by. Patricia is a Biomedical Engineer with a doctorate degree from France which gives her an in-depth knowledge of Human Anatomy, Physiology and its workings; She has worked in High Tech after she arrived in Canada. Then she switched careers and immersed herself in intense training in Shiatsu Therapy, Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture, Tai-Chi, QiGong and Meditation and much more. This combination of Traditional Health and Modern Medicine makes her very unique and valuable indeed. She is able to synthesize the knowledge that she has acquired from all these different disciplines and present us a very holistic approach to health and well-being. In addition, Patricia is a born teacher and I enjoy her ever present enthusiasm, presentation and encouragement in class.

How did I get started? I thank my lucky stars for Patricia coming to our home, one fine afternoon in 2007, to leave a flyer of her Tai-Chi class in our mail box and she met my husband on our driveway and they talked for over an hour. He told her that he is not a Tai-Chi person but his wife may be interested. After their long chat, he came in and convinced me that I may want to try Patricia’s classes as he was very impressed with her credentials. Following his recommendation, I did attend her first class in Conestoga Mall, in Waterloo, Ontario and never looked back. When I started, I was closing in on my 7th decade on this planet and believe it not, I have faithfully attended all her classes since then and am still an ardent attendee. I am happy to say that my long association (almost 10 years) with Patricia through Tai-Chi has resulted in her becoming a special part of my (our) lives.

What are my gains in attending Patricia’s Tai-Chi Classes? She starts the class with Stretches of the whole body, Joint loosening, QiGong and Energy flows along Meridians (from Acupuncture ) that relate to different parts of the body, 4 Direction Tai-Chi which can be done in a very small space, Long form of Tai Chi and always ends with movements that harmonize oneself to the Universal Energy. Through her classes, I have developed a daily routine that helps mobility, my chronic joint and muscle pain and helps me enjoy the day with serenity built into it. Also, the class has a social aspect to it which I do enjoy. I have come to know quite a few great souls through this class.

Gratefully, S. V-G. “ ********