• Prepare and enjoy food
    that is healthy for you
  • From millenia of Chinese
    dietary experience


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15 Min. to HEALTH


  • Develop an enjoyable
    short daily routine
  • For stress, stamina,
    and health


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  • East and West, where they converge
  • Find here references and thoughts


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Welcome to these new pages!


Modern Healthcare, Eastern Medical Traditions and Tai-Chi have become my way of life. I have tons more to learn still, but already feel I could share a few things. In starting this .org extension of my web site, I am hoping to progressively organize and share information that may be pertinent to you, and would love to see this grow into a place to share thoughts, knowledge and experiences coming from you.


This is still a very early version of LeShiatsu.org and not much is published yet. Please give me feedback, and come back!

(note that I have not linked these pages yet to the www.LeShiatsu.org URL, and for now they can be accessed via www.LeShiatsu.com/ORG/index.htm)